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About Us

BlueLake Wealth Advisors is an independent firm of financial advisors, planners and support staff that works with families and businesses across the country and manages more than $800 million in assets.

Some prospective clients wonder how a boutique firm like BlueLake Wealth Advisors can provide the same types of services that are offered by the big Wall Street firms.  We are able to do this because of our strategic relationships with research organizations, money management companies, clearing firms, estate planning attorneys, accountants and other professionals.  As independents, we are also able to partner with best-in-class technology providers that provide industry-leading tools. Through these relationships we are able to offer our clients a wide array of sophisticated planning and investment solutions that are often available only to large institutional clients.

The professionals of BlueLake Wealth Advisors firmly believe that only with a clear understanding of our clients' complete financial situation - and their plans and hopes for the future - can we fulfill our role as the family's financial advisor.

Each of our clients has a different vision of the future. Some dream of retirement with a home on a golf course or on a clear Blue Lake. Others want to create a lasting legacy for future generations. Many people can't fully articulate their vision until we discuss their thoughts and concerns, and then work with them to construct their custom financial plan. Most of our clients are relieved to learn that their abstract goals are achievable with a well thought-out financial plan and a personalized investment strategy.

What is your "BlueLake"?